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My Postpartum Journey

Postpartum is different for each and every birthing person, each and every time they give birth. My recovery from my second pregnancy with Sawyer has been a lot more challenging than it was with Colt after my first pregnancy.

My Postpartum journey has had a lot of challenges this time including Postpartum depression. My pregnancy and delivery with Sawyer was much more difficult and traumatic than my pregnancy, labor and delivery with Colt.

Postpartum depression can show up at anytime following the birth of a child. For some parents, it may be immediately after giving birth, for others it could be months or even years down the road. For me, it hit a few weeks after Sawyer was born and I am still in the midst of it. Having a second baby brings on all the emotions and feelings as it is, but also having postpartum depression just hits different. I opted to notify my PCP and we increased my antidepressants and we are going to check back in a month to see if I’ve had any improvement. I’m also going to start therapy again. These options are what work best for me with my Postpartum depression and it may not be what works for you.

I won’t go into all the warning signs of postpartum depression in this post, I’ll save that for another time. Just know you aren’t alone and so many other mommas and parents are going through it too. Feel free to reach out if you want some peer support 💜

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