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Hysterectomy Recovery

My hysterectomy was 8 weeks ago and I’m happy to report I’m feeling well! I had my post operation appointments 2 weeks ago with both surgeons. I’ve been cleared by my doctors to resume normal activities and can begin exercising again etc.

I do have some minor issues going on but nothing that is preventing me from doing what I want/need.

I ended up getting my appendix removed during my hysterectomy which I knew ahead of time was a possibility. There was endometriosis and fibroids on my appendix so they removed it along with my uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes and also the nexplanon birth control implant that was in my arm.

I initially had a LOT of swelling and bloating from my surgery. I had 5 incisions on my belly and 2 in my pelvic area plus some internal incisions from the bladder sling and prolapse portion of my surgery 🙃

Do you have any questions about my hysterectomy or recovery?! Let me know.

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