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A Very Thrifted Christmas

Buying second hand offers endless possibilities for gifts. You never know what you’ll find! I’d love to challenge everyone to buy or give at least one thrifted/secondhand gift this season.

Gifting previously loved items can breathe new life into an item as cliche as that sounds. What one person may be sick of, becomes something that another dreamed of.

It can be difficult wanting to give the latest and greatest gift but not having or wanting to spend the accompanying budget. Did you know that you can find items that still have their tags on them at thrift shops and second hand shops? I would almost guarantee that those individuals who have made it to your Christmas list to buy for would not want to put you in debt.

New to you items can often look new again with a simpler wash or cleaning. Take advantage of the treasures you have around you that perhaps no longer make you happy,or fit correctly,etc. A little elbow grease and a run through the washer can do wonders.

I’ve come across many fun pieces at second hand shops and a fun part of that is going “oh, that reminds me of so and so” and then giving that gift to someone. They’ll likely be happy that something made you think of them.

There are so many places online that you can find secondhand gems to gift and for yourself. A few of my favorites are: eBay, thredup, Etsy, Amazon warehouse, Poshmark, Facebook marketplace and more. It’s easy to find new to you items or items you can repurpose without even stepping a foot outside your home.

The possibilities for WHAT to gift are virtually limitless. Gifts don’t need to be flashy, shiny and new. A used set of dishes may be just what someone needs this year. Or a new name brand sweater you found at your local thrift store that new at the department store would have been ten times the cost. It does not have to be hard to customize and make gifts that matter and show you put a lot of thought into it.

If you come across some great second hand finds this holiday season, comment or message me on Instagram and let me know!

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