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Here’s Why I Don’t Worry About Losing My Kids Cups And Clothing At Daycare

If you’re like me – when you first took your child to daycare, you were told to make sure your child’s name or initials were on all of their clothing or cups. This works well for a while if you just use a marker on the tag but after so many washes, that can rub off or wear down. Plus, it’s hard as can be to keep most stickers or anything identifying on a kids cup.

The Name Bubbles labels are a must have for parents for daycare. They help to make your daycare prep and organization much easier, plus they look 100% better than duct tape or painters tape. You may be asking why I chose to say duct tape and painters tape….well, let me tell you!

Prior to using name bubbles, I may be guilty of taking a small piece of duct tape to put on the bottom of one of Sawyers cups and putting a piece of painters tape around Colts cup. Don’t come at me lol! I worked with what I had. What’s the old saying – when you know better – you do better! Use my code thebevinsclan for 10% off your first order 😍

I came across Name Bubbles and I’m hooked. I have added them to both Colt and Sawyer’s cups for school as well as clothing. Even better, since so much is interchangeable between the two of them, I just got our last name on the stickers from Name Bubbles so that we know it’s ours without having to worry about first names and such.

Colt asked me this morning on the way to school why I just had our last name Bevins on there instead of his first name. I told him it’s because he and Sawyer can never make up their mind about which cup they want, so it’s just easier to have the cups identified by last name instead of first or last night. Oh the fights that would ensue if Sawyer used a cup with Colts name on it LOL. So, obviously way easier to just let it be the last name.

The stickers are dishwasher safe for the cups, which is a must have. We typicallly keep our kids cups at school for the week and they wash them there, but come Friday – we bring home for a deep clean aka dishwasher. It’s so helpful that these stickers stay on without any issue and don’t fade.

Name Bubbles has a pack of name labels that is literally for daycare. The labels they offer are good for more than just cups though, if you send your child to school with a backpack, lunch box, baby bottle, toys, etc. this is a must have.

The labels are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, laundry safe and waterproof. It sounds to me like it’s a great and easy idea to just slap a name label on everything you want to make sure is yours. The possibilities are limitless.

Have you used Name Bubbles before? What’s your current solution for keeping your kid’s cups and clothing in their cubbies at daycare? Check out Name Bubbles and let me know what you think and what fun designs you choose! Use my code thebevinsclan for 10% off your first order 😍

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