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  • Here’s What I Bought This Week 1/8/23-1/14/23

    Here’s What I Bought This Week 1/8/23-1/14/23

    Here’s a quick round up of what I purchased this past week. Pacifica Beauty | Kind Tint Tinted Serum Revolution Skincare Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream, Reduce Dark Circles, Illuminate & Hydrate The Under Eye,Vegan & Cruelty Free Amazon Halo Band – Measure how you move, sleep, and sound – Designed with privacy in mind…

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  • A Very Local Christmas

    A Very Local Christmas

    A Very Local Christmas – Central Pennsylvania Edition I sincerely apologize for posting this on the 15th of December. Unfortunately between being sick and just other health issues, I’ve been working on this post but haven’t yet published until now 😞 I did not get to include all the businesses I wanted to, so stay…

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  • A Very Thrifted Christmas

    A Very Thrifted Christmas

    Buying second hand offers endless possibilities for gifts. You never know what you’ll find! I’d love to challenge everyone to buy or give at least one thrifted/secondhand gift this season. Gifting previously loved items can breathe new life into an item as cliche as that sounds. What one person may be sick of, becomes something…

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  • My Favorite Loungewear and Undergarment Brands

    My Favorite Loungewear and Undergarment Brands

    If you are anything like me, since the beginning of the pandemic, loungewear has becoming my go to. And if I’m being 100% honest, it’s been my go to since beginning a mom and wanting to be comfy 24/7 😄 I’ve bought all different brands off Amazon and other various websites and I’ve recently found…

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  • Winter Holiday Outfit Ideas

    Holiday Outfit ideas! There’s a lot of different price points on this list. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing a list like this for kiddos and men! Or if you’d like to see some more neutral clothing. Sweaters:☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Tops:☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆…

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