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  • 7 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health

    7 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health

    1. Make Time For Yourself Taking time out for yourself is one both one of the most obvious as well as one of the most complicated ways to improve your mental health. As a society, we are such a go, go, go culture that slowing down and taking time for you is hard. Try taking…

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  • Toxic Positivity and Parenthood

    Toxic Positivity and Parenthood

    As parents, we often get a lot of unsolicited advice. We are told that what we’re going through right now isn’t that bad, and oh but wait, it’s going to get worse when your child is such and such age. The thing is though, that is not usually comforting and it usually doesn’t help the…

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  • Transitioning from Cosleeping to the Crib

    Transitioning from Cosleeping to the Crib

    At therapy last week, we discussed and made a plan to get both kids out of our bedroom (and bed) and get Sawyer to his crib and Colt to his toddler bed. We started that very afternoon. No one was getting restful sleep and I was feeling so incredibly touched out. I needed some space.…

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  • Postpartum Body

    It can be so damn hard coming to terms with your new body after having a baby, or two. But let’s normalize the stretch marks on the belly, how the belly is soft and squishy, and the love handles. IT’S ALL NORMAL. I grew a human for 9 months. It’s hard to keep that in…

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  • My Postpartum Journey

    Postpartum is different for each and every birthing person, each and every time they give birth. My recovery from my second pregnancy with Sawyer has been a lot more challenging than it was with Colt after my first pregnancy. My Postpartum journey has had a lot of challenges this time including Postpartum depression. My pregnancy…

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